With the ClimaCORR® (CC) technology VLM has become the undisputed technology leader in the cyclic corrosion chamber industry segment. The essence of the ClimaCORR® approach is the convergence of climatic test chambers on one side and corrosion test chambers on another.

Cyclic Corrosion Chamber – why choose ClimaCORR?

As a result the CC product range features extended temperature range, extremely fast and accurate temperature and humidity control and unprecedented temperature-humidity control range:

  • Wide operating temperature range from ambient up to +80˚C
  • Regulated humidity from ambient up to 98% RH
  • Patented system for Controlled Water Condensation (CWC)
  • Patent pending for fast and accurate humidity regulation
  • Accuracy of temperature regulation up to ±0,5˚C
  • Accuracy of relative humidity regulation up to ±1%
  • Fast heat exchange due to flat Micanite flat heaters and steel construction of the test chamber
  • Modular design and user friendly control interface
  • Optional: Fully automatic gas dosing (Kesternich test)

Cyclic Corrosion Test Standards

DIN EN ISO 11997-1 Zyklus B (previously VDA 621-415)
VW PV 1210 (climate module required)
Nissan CCT I
Renault ECC1 (climate module required)
Volvo STD 423_0014
GMW 14872, GMW 3172
IEC 600-68-2-52

Salt Spray Test Standards

ASTM B 117-73, ASTM B 287-74
ASTM B 368-68
IEC 60068-2-11
BS 1224, BS 2011, BS3900 F4
BS 3900 F12
BS 5466 Part I, BS 5466 Parts 2 + 3
NFX 41002,
AS 21331 Section 3.1
SIS 1841190
JIS Z 2371

Water Condensation Test Standards

ISO 6270-2 CH, AT,AHT
BS 3900F2, BS 3900 F15
ASTM D2242

Operating Systems

  • Salt Spray
  • Condensation (with Controlled Water Condensation)
  • Optional: Kesternich test (fully automatic)
  • Ventilation air (constant air flow)
  • Forced drying (hot air)
  • Controlled Humidity


  • Direct spray of test solution (wetting)
  • Direct spray of test solution (50 L/min in circulation) according to GMW 3172
  • Test solution with swaying tube according to VOLVO/FORD test standards
  • Fully automated sample treatment