Lansmont’s MS-2000 Package Shaker Systems are used to perform standard “repetitive shock”, “loose load”, or “bounce” tests in accordance with ISTA, ASTM, TAPPI, ISO, MIL-STD, FED-STD, UN, DOT, and other industry, government, and international standards.

These machines operate on an eccentric cam principle, and are adjustable for circular-synchronous or vertical linear motions. The operating Frequency range is from 2 Hz. – 5 Hz., with a fixed 1-inch displacement and a maximum acceleration of 1.25g peak.

  • User Selectable Motions with Quick Changeover
  • Wood Test-Bed Surface
  • Perimeter Restraints and High-End Fence Options (shown above with High-End Fence)
  • Hand-Held Controller standard
  • Precision Speed / Frequency Sensor
  • Externally accessible Grease Fittings
  • Pencil Holder to facilitate ISTA Equipment Certifications
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) Button
  • Smooth, Quiet, Variable-Speed DC Motor and Synchronous Belt Drive
  • 360° Accessibility- No Drive Train Protrusions

MS-2000 Package Shaker :: Feature Summary

Lansmont’s Model MS-2000 Mechanical Shaker includes the following features.

Table Size 60″ x 60″ (152cm x 152cm)
84” x 84” (213cm x 213cm)
Motions Circular-Synchronous, Vertical-Linear
Displacement 1″ (2.54cm) Fixed
Capacity 2,000 lbs. (907 kg)


Handheld Controller

package-shakerThe handheld controller is a lightweight, ergonomic control box designed for hand-held operation. All control features of the MS-400 and MS-2000 Package Shakers are incorporated into the design including Power On/Off, test setup, and Start/Stop functions. An LCD screen displays all pertinent test information—rotary speed, frequency, test durations, and acceleration level.

Circular-Synchronous and Vertical-Linear Motion

Standard Package Shaker systems are configured to perform either circularsynchronous (rotary) and vertical-linear (vertical only)

Variable-Speed DC Motor and Synchronous Belt Drive

Package Shakers come standard with a variable-speed DC motor, driving a synchronous belt, which provides quiet, smooth operation of the test system.

Optional Extras

Integrated Safety Interlocks

Allows for operators to use optional safety systems, such as pressure sensitive safety mats or photocell light curtains, which disable the test system when triggered. A positive lockout safety pin also prevents the carriage from moving when inserted.

Tall Fence

Package Shakers configured with a hi-end fence allows both for containment of test items on test bed, as well as an impacting surface when performing circular-synchronous or out-of-phase testing.

Made to Measure

Not quite the equipment size or performance level that you need? If we do not already manufacture the test machine ideally suited for your company’s testing applications, our engineering team can custom design a package shaker system specific to your needs.

For more information contact us using the form on the right, or go directly to Lansmont Corporation.