The Lansmont Model 95/115D Shock Test System is an enhanced version of the standard Model that is specifically designed to accommodate the more stringent shock testing requirements of today’s electronics field and Dell laboratory certification in particular.

Lansmont has taken the proven Model 95/115 design to a higher performance level by including an upgraded one-piece cast aluminum shock table and embedded Damage Boundary Programmer. The table is precisely guided by two solid steel, chrome-plated guide rods that are attached to a massive steel base. The base is isolated from the floor to help attenuate any shock energy that would otherwise be transmitted to the surrounding building.

The Model 95/115D has the ability to test items weighing up to 1,000 lbs. (454 kg) with specimen dimensions up to 37.4 inches by 45.3 inches (95 cm x 115 cm).

This system can perform a wide variety of tests to a maximum acceleration of 600 g. The 95/115D incorporates Damage Boundary Programmers embedded into the seismic reaction mass. This allows the operator to generate both half-sine and trapezoidal shock pulse waveforms to meet Dell laboratory certification requirements. This system is outfitted with Lansmont’s TouchTest™ Shock Control System for ease of operation.

Feature Summary

Table Size 37.4″ x 45.3″ (95cm x 115cm)
Maximum Specimen Weight 2,500 lbs. (1134 kg)
Brakes Hydropneumatic rebound brakes
Hoist Electric hoist lift system
Maximum Acceleration 600 g (bare table)
Minimum Pulse Width 2 msec (half-sine – bare table)
Maximum Velocity 26.6 ft/sec (8.1 m/sec – bare table)