The Lansmont Model 65/81D Shock Test System is the most common of our large shock test systems.

This system has the ability to test items weighing up to 500 lbs. (227 kg) with a footprint dimension up to 25.6 inches by 32 inches (65 cm x 81 cm). It can perform a wide variety of shock tests to a maximum acceleration of 600 g.

The Model 65/81 Shock Tester consists of a one-piece cast aluminum shock table that is precisely guided by two solid steel, chrome-plated guide rods. The two guide rods are rigidly attached to a massive, isolated steel base that helps to attenuate any shock energy that would otherwise be transmitted to the surrounding building through the laboratory floor.

Also mounted to the steel base is a Damage Boundary Programmer, which allows the operator to generate both half sine and trapezoidal shock pulse waveforms. The Model 65/81 is equipped standard with Lansmont’s NEW TouchTest Shock II Controls.

At the start of a shock test an electric hoist raises the shock table until it reaches the programmed drop height, which was easily preset by the operator using the NEW TouchTest Shock II Controls. Once the operator safely initiates the drop sequence, the lifting hook swings clear of the shock table and the two redundant brakes systems release allowing the shock table to free fall. The shock table impacts the Damage Boundary Programmer, creating the desired shock pulse waveform. As the shock table rebounds the hydropneumatic brakes reengage to prevent any secondary impacts.+

Feature Summary

Table Size 25.6″ x 32″ (65cm x 81cm)
Maximum Specimen Weight 500 lbs. (227 kg)
Brakes Hydropneumatic rebound brakes
Hoist Electric hoist lift system
Maximum Acceleration 600 g (bare table)
Minimum Pulse Width 2 msec (half-sine – bare table)
Maximum Velocity 24 ft/sec (7.3 m/sec) standard (higher possible – contact us)