The Lansmont Model 23 Shock Test System is a small and extremely versatile shock testing machine. In addition to its primary use as a shock test machine, the Model 23 can be outfitted with different platens or impacting forms to perform cushion or materials impact tests.

Machine design is straightforward and changeover from one testing configuration to another is a simple task.

The Model 23 may be used to perform many different industry-specified or company-specific shock tests on small products. In the shock tester configuration, a high strength aluminum shock table, 9.06 inches by 9.06 inches (23 cm x 23 cm), is provided for testing items weighing up to 80 lbs. (36 kg).

A variety of shock pulse programmers are available for the Model 23 allowing the operator to generate half sine, trapezoidal, or terminal peak sawtooth shock pulse waveforms.

In order to perform a shock test, an electric hoist is incorporated into the machine design to allow the operator to position the shock table. At the start of a shock test the electric hoist raises the shock table until it reaches the desired drop height.Then, the shock table is allowed to free fall and impact into the shock pulse programmers, generating the desired shock pulse waveform. Built-in pneumatic brakes then catch the shock table during its rebound to prevent multiple impacts.

The Model 23 is equipped standard with a handheld controller that allows for simple operation. However, the Model 23 can also be upgrade to include Lansmont’s NEW TouchTest Shock II Controls.

Feature Summary

Table Size 9.06″ x 9.06″ (23cm x 23cm)
Maximum Specimen Weight 80 lbs. (36 kg)
Brakes Pneumatic rebound brakes
Hoist Electric hoist lift system
Maximum Acceleration 5,000 g (bare table)
Minimum Pulse Width 0.25 msec (half-sine – bare table)
Maximum Velocity 24 – 32 ft/sec (7.3 – 9.7 m/sec)