The Lansmont SAVER™ 3M30 plus represents the most affordable performance monitoring device on the market.  It is equipped with an internal tri-axial accelerometer for threshold triggered full waveform recording with pre-trigger capability.  It utilizes internal rechargeable batteries which provide up to 30 days of continuous measurement.  Record the top 100 most significant events over a 30-day period to secure non-volatile memory.

The Lansmont SAVER™ 3M30 plus is an entry level data recorder within the SAVER family designed for high volume monitoring applications.  For setup, analysis and reporting it utilizes the same SaverXware software used by the more powerful X-series instruments.

The 3M30 plus adds the ability to record temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure (altitude) during both threshold and timer triggered sampling.  The 3M30 plus also provides user defined sample rate and filter frequency acquisition settings.

  • Full Waveform Recorder
  • User-Programmable Sampling Rates (up to 2,500 samples per second)
  • User-Programmable Trigger Threshold
  • Pre-Trigger Recording (so you know what happened before the event took place)
  • 30-Day Continuous Event Recorder
  • Shock, Temperature, Humidity, & Pressure Alarm LED Indicators
  • Push button, delayed start or instantaneous activation
  • USB connectivity for communication and instrument power for continuous, non-interrupted operations
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Utilizes SaverXware Software for Setup, Communication and Data Analysis
  • Small footprint and form-factor allows embedding within the product and/or package system
  • Identify most severe events and assess liability
  • Audit transport carriers and monitor their performance

Lansmont Saver 3m30+ :: Feature Summary

Instrument Type Acceleration Waveform Based – Field Data Recorder.
Analysis Drop Height, Shock, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity, Time & Date.
Channels Built-In Tri-axial Accelerometer
Temperature range NA
Humidity range NA
Dimensions 3.10 x 2.90 x 1.30 in (79 x 74 x 33 mm)
Weight 14 oz (397 g)