Setup, Talk to the Instrument, Analyze the data – Field Monitoring Software from Lansmont.

The elegant user interface combined with streamlined tasks and search-based reporting will make using your instrument more productive than ever before.

SaverXware has been designed from the ground up to allow GPS position and speed information to be associated with event data.  A huge benefit when it comes to visualizing  your data.

Lansmont GPS accessories provide tight integration with the instruments, allowing position information to become an  integrated part of the recorded DataStream.  In addition, SaverXware  can import GPS information to provide loose integration with alternative sources after the data has been recorded.

The GPS map view is built directly in SaverXware as a fundamental part of the analysis suite.  You can create coordinated map views depicting event intensity, speed, heading, temperature and RH.

  1. Setup Gateways
    • If you need to get a job done, but your not sure where to start, this is the place. Simple application specific dialogs are translated to an instrument setup tailored to the task.
  2. Attach photos to document the Recording Session
    • Photos of mounting conditions, test site, vehicle, etc become a durable part of the data stream.
  3. Event Classification Analysis
    • Automatically categorize each event (shock, vibration, drop or general) – utilize this category to streamline the summary population to a pertinent subset of events.
  4. Event Processing
    • Process all data from every point of view (shock, vibration and drop). Always available, analyze or report from any (or all) view at any time.
  5. Simultaneous Trip Analysis
    • Create an event database that includes multiple instruments and trips – peer into multiple trips concurrently
  6. Enhanced Summary Selection
    • Build event selection criteria to quickly search the database and find desired information.
  7. Customized Printing and Reporting
    • Flexible – everything from automated summary overview reports to detailed event-by-event printing.
  8. GPS Mapping
    • GPS coordinates can be associated with each event to make the system spatially aware . Maps provided can display track and event intensity worldwide. (Requires GPS option.)

SaverXware is built on the Microsoft® .NET platform, ready for tomorrow’s computing environments today.  Join the “Xware” community, let’s get stuff done!