The Lansmont PDT-227 was designed to accommodate large products and packages such as home appliances, computer equipment, televisions, and furniture weighing up to 500 Lbs. (227 Kg).

The PDT-227 provides ease of use, repeatability and accuracy that previously was found only in the domain of small package drop test systems, yet it is versatile enough to also handle small packages.

The PDT-227 utilizes a welded steel dropping platform, guided by precision ground quad-track bearing assemblies on a structural steel guide beam. The drop platform is raised and lowered by an electric hoist and released via an air actuator.

During the drop test stage, the drop platform is accelerated downward, thereby allowing the package to free fall while the drop platform descends into slots below the impact surface. Rebound of the drop platform is prevented by a hydraulic damper and by noise absorbing elastomer strips at the bottom of the slots.

Two impact base configurations are available. The popular flush mount base allows the drop assembly to actually recede into slots in the laboratory’s concrete floor. This creates an infinite impact surface from left to right. All hardware, including steel concrete forms, are included with this configuration. The optional surface mount steel base is a precision machined base that mounts to the top of the floor. This option allows the Lansmont PDT-227 to be installed almost anywhere, without modifications to the laboratory’s floor.

All control functions of the Lansmont PDT-227 are accomplished through the use of Lansmont’s MicroTest™ controller. This controller is a rugged, hand-held microprocessor based control system that allows operators full control over the PDT-227.

Among its many features are the ability to set drop heights, move hoist up and down, remember set drop height and return to that drop height automatically with the “Height Return” function, and arm and drop the platen assembly. The large LCD screen reads out current height, set drop height, and can be switched between inches or centimeters. All controller settings are retained in a non-volatile memory, even when power is off.

Lansmont PDT-227 :: Feature Summary

Controls MicroTest™ Controls for quick test set-up and elimination of tape-measures and rulers for measuring drop height.
Maximum Drop Capacity 500lb (227 kg)
Power 115 Vac, 60 Hz or 230 Vac, 50/60Hz
Features Unique floor mounting system allows accommodation of extremely large products, side-to-side. Convenient steel base option.
Positioning Electric hoist for positioning drop assembly and lifting heavy packages.
Dimensions 104″ H (2640mm H)
Weight  1,000 Lbs. (455 kg) wo steel base,  3,000 Lbs. (1,360 kg) with