Lansmont is proud to present the TouchTest Compression Control System version 3 (TTC3).

Based on the extremely popular TouchTest Compression control system, TTC3 adds many new and powerful features. Among these features are the ability to integrate compression test results with all of your favorite WindowsTM applications, network features that allow quick and easy transmission of test results via e-mail, extremely simple set-up of standard compression tests, and a high level of programmability for creating custom test profiles.

TTC3 comes in two versions. The full System Station version includes computer, interface, large LCD flat touch screen display, and all interconnecting cables conveniently packaged in a roll-around floor standing console. Lansmont also offers TTC3 in a bench- top version, which includes computer, CRT monitor, interface, and all interconnecting cables. You provide the bench or cart for the computer, everything else is the same!

If you currently have an older Lansmont compression test system, the new TTC3 controller has been designed to easily retro-fit your existing machine, enabling you to have the latest state-of-the-art compression tester without the investment of an entirely new compression tester. Either full System Station option or bench-top option may be selected, and the upgrade even includes a brand new hydraulic power supply, insuring your machine is better than new.

TouchTest Compression Control System :: Features:

  • Full range of test capabilities, including Constant Deflection Rate Compression Testing, Ramp to Load and Release Compression Testing, Load Profile – Stacking Simulation Test, and Deflection Profile Test
  • WindowsTM simplicity
  • Network ready
  • SystemStation and Bench-Top version
  • Easily upgradeable to existing machines

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