The SQUEEZER provides the most accurate means of determining top-to-bottom compressive strength of packages.

This system is specifically deigned to quantify box performance so that the effect of various board mediums, closures and interior partitions can be factually compared by means of “load sharing” analysis. Production line variations can be easily benchmarked against design standards. The SQUEEZER is easy to operate because standard test routines are fully automated.

  • Touchscreen user interface eliminates operator keyboard errors and simplifies machine operation
  • Automated Constant Rate and Constant Load routines for standard industry test protocols ensure compression testing repeatability
  • Completely self-contained design eliminates cable and hose entanglements
  • Real-time display of test data: force, deflection, temperature, and humidity
  • Serial port enables easy data export to SPC or other database systems for integration with other test attributes.

Feature Summary

Maximum Force 5,000 lbs
Plate Size 30″ x 30″
Maximum Opening 48.5″ High