Qualmark’s Typhoon Inferno is a HALT system specifically configured for testing the durability of instrumentation, tools and electronics that will face harsh environments – such as oil and gas exploration. The Qualmark Typhoon Inferno can deliver a combination of +250°C to -100°C temperatures, over 60 gRMS, multi-axis, with 6 degrees of freedom vibration in a matter of minutes.

Exposing products to such extremes rapidly reveals design and manufacturing flaws missed by traditional reliability testing methods – dramatically reducing the time line for new product introduction and substantially extending product design margins.

Qualmark Typhoon Inferno :: Feature Summary

Work Space Upper Table Position:53.8”w x 54”d x 34.6”h (1366 x 1372 x 879mm)

Lower Table Position:

53.8”w x 54”d x 53.6”h (1366 x 1372 x 1362mm)

Outer Dimensions 69.2”w x 78.8”d x 103.9”h (1759 x 2003 x 2640mm)
Temperature Range +250°C TO -100°C
Thermal Ramp Rate 70° – 100°C/min average
Table Size 48” x 48” (1220 x 1220mm)
Acceleration 5 – 75gRMS (Bare Table)
Table Capacity 600 lbs (272kg) Recommended
Power Requirements 380V, 400V, 440V, 480V, 3Φ 50/60Hz,
100A (Service Rating)
Vibration Actuators 12 Lubricant free


More information about Qualmark can be found on our site here, or alternatively visit their site directly here.