Qualmark’s QFusion™ (patent pending) HASS Chamber ushers in a new era of product reliability management during the manufacturing process. By fusing accelerated stress testing and Burn-in into one powerful system, Qualmark has engineered breakthrough technology that incorporates the best of traditional and accelerated production stress screening.

Manufacturing advancements and the increasingly complex attributes of today’s electronic devices often require more robust test methods than those traditionally used in order to successfully detect flaws that can be introduced during the production process. And gone are the days where lengthy Burn-in cycles can be tolerated before fielding product. Business is happening faster than legacy test technology can accommodate QFusion is designed to place the correct tool in the production facility for enabling faster and more effective monitoring of high-volume production of electrical and electromechanical products.

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Qualmark QFusion HASS Chamber :: Feature Summary

Work Space 6 tables; Work space per table
27”w x 19”d x 11.2”h
(686 x 4825 x 285mm
Outer Dimensions 81.5”w x 38.4”d x 102.0”h
(2056 x 976 x 2591mm)
Temperature Range +120°C TO -60°C
Thermal Ramp Rate 60°C/min average
Table Size 23.6” x 15.7” / table
(600 x 400mm)
Acceleration 5 – 40gRMS typical
Table Capacity 6 tables; 100 lbs (45 kg)/table
Power Requirements 380V, 400V, 440V, 480V

90A (Service Rating)
Vibration Actuators 12 Actuators; 2/table


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