ESPEC’s latest series of thermal shock chambers improve upon the high reliability and efficiency of their previous series. Compared to the previous TSA series, the power consumption has been reduced of 35-50% with the energy saving achieved thanks to the new Eco-operation mode; the instrumentation automatically adjusts pre-cooling and pre-heating periods and runs operations with just the necessary energy. Improvements in the chamber’s reliability, with particular emphasis placed on removing unnecessary loads and stresses from the refrigeration system, the refrigerators themselves, and the refrigeration circuit have resulted in another great leap forward for these Air-to-Air thermal shock chambers.

Espec Thermal Shock Chamber :: Feature Summary

With new instrumentation featuring significantly increased processing speed and network connectivity, it is now possible to monitor and manage the status of test chambers in remote locations while sitting at your desk.

Highly accurate temperature recovery

Dampers with integrated rectifying function minimize variation in exposure conditions due to specimen position within the test area. This reduces the overall test time and shortens temperature recovery time, especially during low-temperature exposure. The uniformity in test conditions brought by this innovation also contributes to improved test reproducibility and reliability.

ESPEC’s patented parallel refrigeration system improves reliability

Thanks to parallel refrigeration system and a newly designed refrigeration circuit, reliability is improved. The refrigeration circuit prevents refrigerant leaks by reducing thermal stress to refrigerators
and prevents corrosion in cooling pipes by upgrading the material and thickness.

Available Thermal Shock Chamber Models (Air to Air)

Model Temperature range Inside dimensions(mm)
TSA-43EL High temp. exposure:Ambient temp. +50 to +200°C (+122 to +392°F)
Low temp. exposure:–65 to 0°C (–85 to +32°F)
TSA-73EL W410×H460×D370
TSA-103EL W650×H460×D370
TSA-203EL W650×H460×D670
TSA-303EL W970×H460×D670
TSA-73ES High temp. exposure:+60 to +200°C (+140 to +392°F)
Low temp. exposure:–70 to 0°C (–94 to +32°F)
TSA-103ES W650×H460×D370
TSA-203ES W650×H460×D670
TSA–73EH High temp. exposure:+60 to +200°C (+140 to +392°F)
Low temp. exposure:–70 to 0°C (–94 to +32°F)