ESPEC’s Platinous J-series chambers are the result of more than 50 years of environmental chamber design and development. Designed and manufactured in Osaka, Japan these chambers represent the pinnacle of chamber technology, quality, and innovation. At the very top of the list of impressive Platinous J Series features is a dramatic reduction in power consumption, which is made possible by a new energy saving, highly reliable cooling system and other innovations.

New N-instrumentation allows J Series environmental chambers to support easy-to-use networking for access to ESPEC’s test-navi online test collection, allowing for automatic downloading of common test profiles called for by international test standards including IEC 60068, MIL-STD-810, and many others. Automatic chamber profiles based on main international standards are available on ESPEC’s reliability testing website, TEST NAVI. Download the desired program from your PC, and transfer it to your chamber (via USB or network) to be up and running in minutes.

Additionally, online diagnostics allows ESPEC’s chamber experts to diagnose faults remotely, meaning less down time and higher productivity.

Optional Configurations with minimal lead-time

A comprehensive selection of options along with improved installation procedure and more create a new structure that is designed to be customized to meet individual needs. Just as important as the new features is the half-century history since development of the first Platinous Series chambers. A history providing a firm foundation that is constantly being improved and polished in order to ensure our customers are provided with unmatched reliability, performance, and safety. Platinous J Series – The next global generation of environmental test chambers.

Platinous Environmental Chambers :: Feature Summary

Our chambers are highly configurable with a wide range of options to suit the most demanding, or placid test application. Base features include:

Performance to match Quality

The Platinous J Series can be configured for your performance requirements, there are a range of options available for both thermal and humidity performance. Each sub-series comes with a standard configuration, please review the options provided in the catalogue to the right to find the chamber that best suits your needs.

Networking with new N-instrumentation

Whether you’re offsite, in a meeting, or in a different building ESPEC’s latest generation of controls allow you access to your test via a web browser. Access by PC, phone, tablet or any other device that supports web browsing.

The tabbed user interface of the chamber control panel is designed to make operations for accessing specific screens easier than ever. Network communication enables chamber control without using the integrated panel. An Ethernet (LAN) port is equipped as standard for simple connection of a computer, tablet computer, or other terminal. Monitoring of the chamber’s running condition, modification of test conditions, starting or stopping operation, and other interaction with the chamber can be performed via a Web browser. The remote communication area can be expanded by connection to an intranet.

Alerts can be configured to be emailed to a pre-configured address, making sure you’re aware of alarms so you can act quickly.

Programming, editing, copying and monitoring

A program test profile created on a computer can be sent to a chamber, and a program pattern stored on a chamber can be copied to a computer. Data writing and reading can also be
performed using USB memory directly from the chamber.

Smart Refrigerator and Dehumidifier System with PID control (Patent pending)

The J Series switches between large and small refrigerators, depending on the chamber capacity and the temperature and humidity range; it also handles precisely various heat loads by using a multicompressor system that manage a main and a sub-circuit. From the first Platinous Series sold in 1961, ESPEC have been strongly committed to response and accuracy in the control of temperature and humidity (air-conditioning system), by adopting our own unique systems.

In this series, ESPEC made further improvements to their control system by focusing on energy savings more than ever. One of these enhanced features is the PID  control of refrigeration capacity. The Smart Refrigerator & Dehumidifier System can control minutely both heating and cooling at minimal levels, thanks to the new N-instrumentation embedded in the chamber. PID control applies to both main and sub refrigeration circuits.


International Safety Standard Compliance

220, 380 and 400V AC spec. are in compliance with the requirements of the European Community Directives (hereinafter referred to as CE spec.)

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 1997/23/EC

Platinous Environmental Chamber Range

Refer to the below image for all the models available in the Platinous J-Series. Alternatively please download the catalogue in the right hand sidebar for all available options, models, and configurations.