Of a bench-top size that can fit on a personal desk, this small temperature and humidity chamber achieves high performance to fulfill your environmental testing needs.

This lineup includes 10 models to select from, depending on the desired temperature (humidity) range, and the capacity (available in 22.5L and 64L).
A model achieving heat up rate of 5k/min. has also been prepared to meet recent requirements of various industries.

Featuring a touch screen color display for easy operation, the controller gathers the same function and design than the one of Platinous J chambers.

From -20 / -40 or -60 to +150°C, (*humidity: 30 to 95%RH) our Benchtop  Environmental Chambers combine a wide operation range in a very compact design. Available in 2 volumes of 20 and 60L, the lineup includes a variation of 10 models. Our Benchtop Chamber is the best fit for your testing needs, and is suitable for accelerated life testing (ALT) or small installation spaces.

Benchtop Environmental Chambers

Light and small structure

The chamber structure is optimized to save space while offering a wide test area (22.5L for 1st model). Its relatively light weight allows set up almost everywhere.

Full-size chamber performance in a compact design

The SH-662 model achieves -60 to +150℃ temperature range and 30 to 95%rh for humidity in a small structure. It shows undoubtedly better performance than any other previous bench-top model. Additionally upper temperature can be increased to +180℃ on all models.

Full variation to select from

With 3 different temperature range patterns (-20, -40, or -60℃), and 2 sizes (20 and 60L), the Bench-top chamber series offers 10 models with either temperature or temperature/ humidity configurations, to fulfill customers’ needs.

N Controller – connected, from anywhere

Thanks to our web application, remotely access your chamber to monitor and control it, from a PC, a tablet or even a smartphone. You can edit program patterns, start or stop the chamber, or set an email alert to be sent to a registered PC to notify testing completion.

Benchtop Environmental Chamber Range

Model Temperature & Humidity range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
SH-222 -20 to 150°C (-4 to +302°F) / 30 to 95%rh W300xH300xD250 / W440xH690xD695
SH-242 -40 to 150°C (-40 to +302°F) / 30 to 95%rh
SH-262 -60 to 150°C (-76 to +302°F) / 30 to 95%rh W300xH300xD250 / W440xH690xD785
SH-642 -40 to 150°C (-40 to +302°F) / 30 to 95%rh W400xH400xD400 / W540xH730xD920
SH-662 -60 to 150°C (-76 to +302°F) / 30 to 95%rh
SU-222 -20 to 150°C (-4 to +302°F) W300xH300xD250 / W440xH620xD695
SU-242 -40 to 150°C (-40 to +302°F)
SU-262 -60 to 150°C (-76 to +302°F) W300xH300xD250 / W440xH620xD785
SU-642 -40 to 150°C (-40 to +302°F) W400xH400xD400 / W540xH660xD920
SU-662 -60 to 150°C (-76 to +302°F)