IMV Corporation’s A-series represents the cutting edge of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems. These machines include key innovations that lower power use & noise and increase time between maintenance.

We sell, service and support IMV shakers in New Zealand and Australia, and we’re proud to offer these high-tech systems in our region.

Electrodynamic (ED) Vibration Testing

ED vibration uses an electro-mechanical assembly to product vibration through electromagnetic force. These machines can accurately produce either single, or multi-axis vibration using sine, random, sine-on-random (SoR), or random-on-random (RoR) profiles.

Typically these shakers are used to determine the products ability to either operate within it’s intended environment, or to target resonance in the product to determine weakness.

IMV A-Series Electrodynamic Vibration Systems

IMV’s A-Series represents a stride forward in innovation, reliability, and stability of Electrodynamic vibration. These systems incorporate a range of improvements over traditional systems that lead to a higher level of system confidence. The improvements include:

  • Inhouse-developed K2 controller – IMV are the only manufacturer using their own controller.
  • Patented Parallel Support Guide (PSG) system reduces cross-motion on the armature, increasing bearing life and maintenance intervals and reducing wear on critical components.
  • Support for large offset loads as the PSG system does not suffer from the same flex issues as a traditional flexure-based system.
Improved Excitation Force

When compared with the conventional i & J-series, the A-series:

  • Increases the relative excitation force
  • Increased force per system power requirement
  • Increased force per system mass

Increase in frequency range

A-series has wider frequency range than conventional systems. (Secured stroke of A30, A45 & A65 is 76.2 mmp-p based on mechanical stroke 82 mmp-p)Increased force per system size

Cross-Axis Acceleration Reduction

A-series dramatically reduces cross-axis (crosstalk) acceleration (horizontal vibration). Highly accurate testing is possible with low crosstalk and increased confidence.