Once again Qualmark has pioneered the latest leap in technology for performing Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) with the release of its second generation xLF table. The Qualmark Table Upgrade adds or improves the following features:

xLF2 – Maintainable Performance

The xLF2 table introduces a new concept to the HALT/HASS industry – maintainable table performance. Qualmark’s new table design improves PSD stability – providing superior consistency at higher gRMS – and makes any adjustments for PSD drift easily manageable. Now shipping with its top-selling Typhoon series, Qualmark’s new xLF2 table helps customers achieve consistent and reliable HALT and HASS results.

Unbeatable Control Response

The xLF2 also more fully leverages the Typhoon’s advanced control system, executing a more precise response to Typhoon Manager’s vibration and thermal commands. The 14-bit PLC [Programmable Logic Controller] improves granular control fivefold enabling the xLF2 to deliver execution of inputs so that the correct excitation and thermal stresses can be delivered to the device under test while virtually eliminating overshoots.

Latest Configuration Expands Options

New multi-level security is enabled with the 14-bit controller platform including: User level (HASS Screen) – limited to running and data logging profiles; Technician level – access to HASS Screen, Test Execution screen, PID’s and program definition; and Administrator – access to all functions including calibration values and user manager.

Other enhancements have been enabled with the PLC/xLF2 combo such as the addition of a vibration output boost % setting that emits a burst of air on start-up, stimulating the actuators into immediate action. A Vibration throttle limit sets the maximum vibration of the xLF2 so that a predetermined limit will not be exceeded. Automated maintenance prompts with time meters keep track of the system’s use, submitting pop up alerts when maintenance is due.

If you’ve got the 14-bit controller and are looking for a more refined table response, or if test plans call for escalated use of your system, ask about upgrading to the new xLF2. If you’re running an obsolete control system [such as the 3.11, “e” Series, and Entrelec], look into the PLC control upgrade + xLF2 combo today.

The xLF2 + PLC is available as a bundled upgrade. Sophistication of this upgrade may require additional system enhancements. Check with us about system compatibility and to receive a quote.

Can my chamber be upgraded?

One of the great things about Qualmark is their desire to continue supporting older models, you’ll find most Qualmark Table Upgrades can be applied all the way back to the original OVS chambers. Contact us for more information, or through Qualmark directly.