In 2005 Qualmark made significant changes to the Typhoon control system, introducing a new platform with advanced networking and diagnostic capabilities to deliver more control options, maximum performance, increased productivity, and improved safety features. The Qualmark controller upgrade (14-bit) adds and improves the following features:

Improved Reliability

The new controller platform is based on the Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC series. Allen Bradley is recognized as an industry leader in Industrial controls and provides a state-of-the-art platform that will be supportable into the future.

Enhanced Control

The new controller utilizes a 14 bit A/D converter, significantly expanding capability and resulting in more precise control of both temperature and vibration. The Ethernet PLC processor provides noticeably faster response and improved communication reliability.

Expanded Typhoon Manager Functionality

New multi-level access is enabled with the platform:

  • User level (HASS Screen): limited to running and data logging profiles.
  • Technician level: access to HASS Screen, Test Execution screen, PID’s and program definition.
  • Administrator: access to all functions including calibration values and user manager.

Plus, new capabilities you’ve asked for:

  • Vibration Output Boost % Setting: allows a burst of air on start-up that greatly improves the starting of the actuators
  • Vibration Throttle Limit: limits the maximum vibration the chamber can achieve so that a predetermined vibration limit will not be exceeded.
  • Automated Maintenance Prompt:
    • Time Meters for Chamber on, Fan on, and vibration showing total number of hours, recommended maintenance intervals, and resettable time since maintenance windows. Automated pop up screens will indicate when maintenance is due.


The new platform accepts QualViewTM, an optional software that allows both chamber control and ATE control from the same PC. QualView uses a Labview based DLL, simplifying your automated HASS testing.

Without the proper upgrade, equipment latency looms as a financial threat to product development and production.

Avoids Equipment Obsolescence

With the advent of new RoHS and WEEE standards, earlier controller platforms have been rendered obsolete and can no longer be supported. Equipment that still operates on earlier platforms risk serious product development delays, production downtime and replacement expense should the controller system fail.

Can my chamber be upgraded?

One of the great things about Qualmark is their desire to continue supporting older models, you’ll find most Qualmark Controller Upgrades can be applied all the way back to the original OVS chambers. Contact us for more information, or through Qualmark directly.