Our experts are available to help you plan, setup, and run Highly Accelerated Stress Screening on your products. We understand that HASS is typically a big step for an organization and adapt our HASS plans to suit both the newcomer and experienced HASS user.

We operate a Qualmark Typhoon 2.5 located in Christchurch, New Zealand, and provide testing services for some of New Zealand and Australia’s most well-known brands. Contact us for pricing and availability.

HALT & HASS Consulting provides the following Highly Accelerated Stress Screen Services:

  • Define a suitable HASS plan.
  • Develop the screen based on your requirements.
  • Develop an effective fixture for manufacturing.
    • Maximum units, thermal and vibration transmissibility.
  • Conduct Proof Of Screen testing and determine any failure mode’s relevance.
  • Create automation software to integrate HASS into your current test reporting databases.
  • Define sampling plans for Highly Accelerated Stress Audit (HASA).
  • Define failure alert path and FRACAS to be used for HASS.
  • Provide training for your engineering staff.f


Highly Accelerated Stress Screening is an involved process; we work closely with your organization to identify an effective screen to be used in production.This process can be streamlined by automating testing, report creation, and implementing a feedback system to be used between the designer and manufacturer.

HASS Development

HASS development is conducted to create a screen to be used in production that will be strong enough to detect dormant failures, while being not overly destructive to good product. Providing a ‘hands on’ service, we ensure your organization gains value from the HASS Development process.

POS – Proof Of Screen

Proof of screen involves running the selected HASS profile multiple times to ensure good product will not be damaged significantly by undergoing the HASS screen. Typically, and dependant upon feedback from your organization we would run the HASS screen 15 to 30 times as this ensures that no more than 1/15th(30th) of the products life is taken during screening.

HASS Implementation

Once the Highly Accelerated Stress Screen has been proven it is time to implement it in production. We will work with you to ensure the process of getting units from the production environment, through testing, and back to manufacturing is both smooth and uncomplicated ensuring the success of the HASS project.

Fixture Design & Development

One major component of HASS is the ability to keep up with production throughput. Product specific fixturing is generally the best way to achieve higher throughput without major investment in multiple HALT chambers. We will identify the optimum unit requirements for the fixture whilst maintaining the integrity of the HASS screen by ensuring the fixture responds to vibration and temperature adequately.

HASS Automation Development

HALT & HASS Consulting uses the latest software development packages to design seemless automation software for your Highly Accelerated Stress Screen. Designed in object oriented languages these programs are custom developed for your requirements and include:

  • Advanced chamber control and monitoring.
  • Functional product testing.
  • Test report automation and generation.
  • Internet reporting through secure servers.
  • Complete FRACAS system for failures found during automation.
  • Automatic Pareto analysis of failure trends.