Vibration testing is conducted to assess the products resilience to forces it’s likely to encounter in either the transport environment, or in it’s end-use. We have experience designing, running and analysing vibration tests and can help make sure your product is rugged, before release. Whether you’re looking for sine, random, sine-on-random or just all out 6-axis random shaking we can help.


Electrodynamic (ED) Vibration

Many international standards, and a lot of internal test standards call for the use of an electrodynamic shaker to conduct single-axis swept-sine, random, sine-on-random or random-on-random tests. We’re equipped with two LDS 850-440 shakers, one with a slip table and the other with a large head expander.

Testing can be performed on products or packaging, functional or non-functional.

If you’re interested in conducting long term testing on smaller products contact us about leasing our permanent magnet shaker.


LDS V850-440 :: Specifications

Random force (rms) 22.2kN
Sine force (peak) 22.2kN
Half sine shock force (Max) 44.4kN
Armature Resonance (fn) 2.2 kHz
Usable frequency range d.c. to 3kHz
Velocity 2.0m/s
Acceleration (sine peak) 60 g
Acceleration (random rms) 50 g
Displacement 50.8mm
Additional tests Sine-on-Random (SoR)
Bolt Patterns See attached files at right. For counterbore information refer to the 3/8″ row of this page:
Internal Load Support 350kg


LDS V408 :: Specifications

Random force (rms) 38N
Sine force (peak) 98N
Half sine shock force (Max) 90N
Armature Resonance (fn) 9 kHz
Usable frequency range 5 Hz to 9 kHz
Velocity 1.78m/s
Acceleration (sine peak) 50 – 100 g
Displacement 17.6mm
Bolt Patterns 34mm armature, 6 x 2.54mm PCD
Internal Load Support 22.7kg


6-axis vibration testing (HALT Machine)

We have a Qualmark 2.5 HALT & HASS chamber equipped with a 2.5ft x 2.5ft vibration table capable of producing 60 GRMS of 6-axis broadband random vibration. When conducting 6-axis vibration you can choose whether to step stress the product to failure, or run a constant GRMS value for a fixed time.

The HALT machine is also able to combine thermal dwells, or thermal shock with vibration.

Need help deciding how hard or how long to run for? Contact us and let us know about your product and it’s end-use and we’ll provide guidance.


HALT Chamber :: Specifications

Work Space 44”w x 45”d x 35”h (1118 x 1143 x 889mm)
Temperature Range +200°C TO -100°C
Thermal Ramp Rate 60° – 100°C/min average
Table Size 30” x 30” (762 x 762mm)
Mounting Pattern Square pattern 4″ PCD, 3/8″ UNC sockets
Acceleration 5 – 60gRMS (Bare Table)
Bandwidth 5 – 10,000Hz (Random)
Table Capacity 320 lbs (145kg)
Vibration Actuators 8 Lubricant free