Tumble testing exposes your product to repetitive random free-fall drops in a controlled repeatable manner. These tests are performed to determine the products ability to survive the many bumps and scrapes it will experience in it’s life with an end-user. The height of the tumble tester drum sets the height of the drop, and the rotation speed is then tuned to ensure the product receives a full height drop each time.

Why tumble test?

tumble-test-mobile-productsThough standard drop testing will provide similar results you don’t get the abrasion, scuffs and wear you do with a tumble tester. The product can bump and bang around the drum leading to scratches, paint chips and plastic deforming. Products can be either tested in functional condition, or non-functional depending upon your requirements.

The item to be tested is placed in the Tumble Tester. The desired number of falls is selected and the machine is set in motion. After this the machine will drop the item onto the base of the machine at random positions (free fall).

What kind of products?

Tumble Testing provides several benefits and is an ideal solution for various industries. For medical companies designing or manufacturing products such as blood pressure or blood sugar level indicators, insuline pumps or for example hearing aids, handheld remote devices, benchtop devices or bedside monitors.
Additionally consumer products such as

  • cellphones
  • wristwatches
  • video and still cameras
  • tablet computers
  • two-way radios
  • garage remotes
  • GPS navigation systems
  • vehicle mounted systems
  • protective devices (smartphone cases)
  • remote controls and other household items
There are a lot of applications… effectively if it’s handheld, used on a bench top, or liable to be dropped, banged of bumped during it’s life then tumble testing is a valuable test to run.


Our Tumble Tester specification


Fall heights 1000mm or 500mm*
Drums  2
Maximum Item Weight  1.5kg
Drop rate 5 – 15 per minute

* Currently equipped with 2 x 1000mm drums, can be reconfigured – please contact us.

Tumble testing standards

Heinä’s Tumble Tester is used to test the breakage of various small items and components. This machine can be used to perform the standard tests:

  • IEC 60068-2-31 (incorporated IEC 68-2-32 and BS EN 60068-2-32)
  • IEC60312 & DIN60312
  • MIL-STD-202G (Method 203C)

Videos of tumble testing