Salt spray testing is conducted to determine the products resistance to corrosion, it is often conducted at the product level to provide quick feedback to the development team on coatings, enclosures and connectors. Sometimes referred to as salt fog, or corrosive atmosphere testing salt spray testing encompasses a wide variety of test standards and methods, depending upon product application.

Which standard to use

There are a number of international test standards available that describe various methods of salt spray, fog, or dry corrosion tests in detail. Which one you apply will depend mainly upon your products application.

For electronic products, typically either MIL-STD-810F/G or IEC 60068-2-52:1996, Environmental testing. Test methods. Tests. Test Kb. Salt mist cyclic (sodium chloride solution).

Alternatively, if you have an internal test requirement that is not met by any of these standards than these are also supported by most salt spray test machines.

Salt spray testing of metals

A long standing use of salt spray testing is metal qualification, different metals degrade at varying rates when exposed to corrosive environments. In general testing is performed as a qualitative test exposing multiple samples to the same levels of corrosion and monitoring the results.

The International Stainless Steel Forum provides an in-depth article on the use of salt spray testing for stainless steel, you can find the article here: Salt spray tests and its use in ranking stainless steel.

Some of the very common salt spray tests are run to conform to MIL-C-5541/BAC 5719 for chromate conversion coating, MIL-A-8625/BAC 5019 for anodizing, and TT-C-490 for phosphating and paint.

What you need to provide

In order for us to quote a salt spray test we need to know:

  • Sample information – what is it, what are the dimensions, does it need to be powered?
  • Which test standard to use?
    • If you need advice please let us know, we’re here to help.
  • How long you need to expose the samples for.
  • Inspection criteria – failure characterisation and inspection times.

List of test standards we can apply

The following list provides a summary of the international salt spray test standards we can apply:

  • ASTM B117
  • ASTM B287
  • ASTM B368 (CASS)
  • ASTM D1735
  • ASTM D2247
  • ASTM G85 (1,5)
  • ASTM G85 (2,3)
  • MIL-STD-202F
  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-883

Additionally the following automotive salt spray tests are available:

  • GM/Ford
  • Fiat
  • BMW/VW/Volvo/Nissan/Toyota
  • Renault
  • VDA
  • Japan JIS Z2371
  • VDA 621-415
  • SCAB test

Additional Equipment we Carry

We carry the following equipment to help evaluate product performance, and durability:

  • BYK Gardner Cross Cut Adhesion Test Kit #5127 – ASTM Standard
  • BYK Gardner Cross Cut Adhesion Test Kit #5126 – ISO Standard
  • Range of Scotch tape for adhesion tests
  • BYK Gardner Micro Tri-Gloss Meter
  • Calibrated Scales for measuring weight loss
  • Great Macbeth The Judge II  Lightbooth with D65 Lights