Our paint testing equipment is designed to thrash your paint using accelerated weathering techniques before you release it to market. We employ a combination UV, temperature and condensing humidity to accelerate failure modes thereby providing sound benchmarking information for use in either new product development, or quality control.

Why test your paint?

Paints and coatings, particularly when applied to outdoor equipment and housing will come under prolonged attack from the environment. Understanding and improving upon the durability of your finish is essential to ensuring your customers remain loyal, committed and happy.

It could be the mix, you could be changing supplier of raw materials, or you could just be making a new batch of paint and want to ensure your quality levels remain high. Our equipment can give you the answers you need in a few hours or days at minimal cost.

QCT Condensation Tester


Our QCT condensation tester simulates the damaging effects of outdoor moisture attack by condensing warm water directly onto test specimens. In a few days or weeks, the QCT tester can reproduce the damage due to moisture that occurs over months or years outdoors.

Our QCT tester is fast, easy to use and affordable to use. It uses 100% condensing humidity to simulate and accelerate damage caused by rain and dew on metals, paints, and organic materials. It accelerates over natural exposures by increasing moisture temperature. The QCT tester can replace water immersion and ordinary (non-condensing) humidity tests.


Our QCT tester can be used to:

  • screen paints for blister resistance over a weekend at 55 degrees Celsius
  • evaluate oil-based rust inhibitors in less than 120 hours at 38 degrees Celsius
  • rate effectiveness of mill-applied oils in only a day
  • test surface reactivity of cold-rolled and galvanized steel in hours
  • test wood finishes for blistering, moisture and mold resistance

QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester

Our QUV accelerated weathering tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. In a few days or weeks, the QUV UV tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.

To simulate outdoor weathering, the QUV tester exposes materials to alternating cycles of UV light and moisture at controlled, elevated temperatures. It simulates the effects of sunlight using special fluorescent UV lamps. It simulates dew and rain with condensing humidity.


We offer three varieties of UV exposure using the QUV:

  • UVA340 – used for testing indoor samples.
  • UVA351 – used for testing outdoor samples.
  • UVB313 – used for quality control and benchmarking for very fast results.

For more details about our tester please refer to the information provided in the files in the right hand column ->.

How can we help?

We want to help you produce high quality, reliable products that will endure the test of time. In order for us to generate a quotation please email us through the following product details:

  • Product type – paint, coating, anodized parts
  • Size of sample to be tested
    • Or use one of our pre-prepared items
  • Quantity to test
  • Product end-use (outdoor, indoor, etc)
  • Test standard to use (or ask us)
  • Duration of test

Work with us, we want your business and will do everything in our power to make sure your product is a success.