Qualmark’s new Portable Rapid Testing System not only defines quality with HawQ-like precision, but it gets you there in a fraction of the time of traditional testing methods. It allows you to soar through your thermal cycling tests with change rates of 40°C/min from -100° to +200°C, so you can really maximize your test cycles performed in 24 hours – saving time … and time is money!

HawQ doesn’t stop there; it also allows you to conduct Six Degree of Freedom Vibration testing at the quick, simple push of a button. By utilizing the ultimate combined environment of rapid thermal changes plus vibration, your designs will fly through reliability testing.

HawQ :: Low cost HALT & HASS

Conducting HALTs early in the product development process are most beneficial, as reliability can most easily be improved early in the development process. Qualmark’s new Portable HALT System is a cost effective, portable solution that is available for purchase or lease to utilize in, or near, product development groups. Qualmark’s Portable HALT System provides an easy to use solution with Ethernet/WiFi options to allow for remote monitoring by development teams. This entry-level HALT System features a quiet, vibration-isolated, and easy to use system for virtually all development teams, University, R&D, and Reliability Labs

HawQ Portable HALT & HASS System :: Feature Summary

Work Space 19.0”w x 16.0”d x 10.0”h (482 x 406 x 254mm)
Outer Dimensions 32.8”w x 43.5”d x 56.1”h (833 x 1105 x 1425mm)
Table Size 16.0”w x 12.0”d (406 x 304mm)
Acceleration 4 – 40 gRMS typical
Table Capacity 50 lbs (23 kg)
Power Requirements 208VAC / 40A / 1Φ 50/60Hz
208VAC / 25A / 3Φ 50/60Hz
Air Requirements 20 scfm at 80 psi
Vibration Actuators 2 Lubricant-free Actuators
Temperature Range +200°C to -100°C
Temperature Rate of Change Up to 40°C / min