The decision whether or not to perform AST on a specific product is a typical example of the quality vs. cost problem which many companies struggle. Unfortunately, reliability data is never available until several months or even elapsed, if at all. This paper will examine the economics of HALT independent of the other elements of AST. Written by Dr. Edmond L. Kyser


During a recent IEEE workshop on Accelerated Stress Testing, I conducted a survey of attitudes towards AST to determine if there was a ‘common experience’ among industry practitioners that could be leveraged as the science evolves. The issue was defined as “Within your company, where do you see support for or opposition to AST, and why?” The survey results represent the opinions of 32 individuals from 22 corporations active in AST. The resulting leading categories of opposition and support are shown in Figure 2. (For a more complete discussion, and a statistical approach to determining the profitability of AST, see [1])