Reliant Labs provides high quality environmental testing and reliability services; a true alternative to traditional design qualification. As one of the largest and busiest HALT labs in the world, Reliant Labs quickly and accurately delivers knowledge resources, practical experience and confidentiality along with the most comprehensive test reports in the industry.

Since its inception in 2002, Reliant Labs has made significant investment in state of the art testing equipment at its laboratory facility in Sunnyvale, California. With more HALT chambers than any other service company in the world, Reliant Labs offers unparalleled scheduling flexibility – most tests can be completed within 7-10 days of the initial quote.

Reliability tests can number into the thousands. Another benefit of working with Reliant Labs is our extensive resource network. In addition to our resident engineers and laboratory facilities, our strong relationships with outside partners combine to provide the expertise and resources necessary to fulfill all our customers’ reliability program requirements.

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