MAS Zengrange designs and manufactures advanced remote initiation devices, military printers and indirect fire control computers, systems and software.

Well established within the Defence Industry, MAS Zengrange has significant experience in system design and manufacture. MAS Zengrange remote initiation products provide exceptional reliability, advanced technology integration, extremely rugged designs and robust safety features. Proven on operations, the MAS Zengrange range of explosive remote initiation devices include both reusable and disposable receivers for explosive ordnance disposal, explosive method of entry (breaching) applications, demolitions and special warfare applications. Ordnance Disposal Operators, Special Forces and Military Engineers enjoy the advanced capabilities offered by MAS Zengrange products.

MAS Zengrange produces a variety of high performance fire control computers from fully integrated systems to standalone ballistic computers. Integrated systems linking observers, commanders, fire direction centres (command posts) and weapons provide fast effective indirect fire digital data management, ballistic calculation and firing data dissemination. With integrated forward observer devices, such as global positioning systems, laser range finders and goniometers, MAS Zengrange fire control systems provide operationally proven devices which significantly improve indirect fire effectiveness. MAS Zengrange’s ballistics engineering expertise enables the integration of ballistic solutions for field artillery, mortars and rockets. As well as being suitable for towed artillery and light, medium and heavy mortars, MAS Zengrange produces a full range of vehicle installation solutions allowing systems to be mounted in command posts, self propelled guns, mortars or rocket launchers. MAS Zengrange standalone ballistic computers provide cost effective, robust solutions and are effective as a backup computer or as the primary means of ballistic calculation.

MAS Zengrange offers rugged military printers for integration with field deployable computers. MAS Zengrange Printers may be mounted in tracked and wheeled vehicles or dismounted command posts, providing reliable printing for deployed units and vehicles.